The human-centered ideology in President Ho Chi Minh’s testament

VOV.VN - Throughout his revolutionary life dedicated to national liberation and human liberation, President Ho Chi Minh always pursued an ultimate goal of bringing complete independence to Vietnam and freedom to the Vietnamese people.

the human-centered ideology in president ho chi minh’s testament hinh 0
His testament strongly embraces a humanistic ideology and philosophy. To mark the 50th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s testament, VOV presents an article entitled “The human-centered ideology of President Ho Chi Minh’s testament.”

The humanistic ideology of the testament is reflected in President Ho Chi Minh’s great love for the people. He wrote in his testament that he was leaving behind his boundless love for all the people, the whole Party, the whole army, the youth, and the children.

Care for humans

Professor Doctor Mach Quang Thang of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics said it’s not by accident that President Ho Chi Minh wrote in his testament that the first thing he wanted to mention was to the people.

He asked the revolutionary generations to care for the interests of the people and urged the ruling Party to work out the best plans to improve people’s lives. “Human rights including the right to live, the right to be free and the right to pursue happiness. These are the human values that President Ho Chi Minh perceived and applied to Vietnam. As the President said, we fought to gain independence which would be meaningless if the people are without freedom. People must live in peace, property, and happiness which is reflected in Ho Chi Minh Thought and his testament.”

President Ho Chi Minh always paid special attention to the most disadvantaged people in society – the workers and farmers. With his loving heart, President Ho Chi Minh understood and shared hardships, injustice, and losses endured by workers from the mountain to the plains. He requested an exemption of agriculture taxes for one year for farmers to encourage them to boost production after years of contributing labor and property to the struggle for national liberation, independence and freedom. In his testament, the President stressed the importance of implementing a special policy for people who sacrificed for the Fatherland.

Doctor Chu Duc Tinh, former Director of the Ho Chi Minh Museum, said“In the testament, the President told the Party to continue the tradition of national heroes of mentioning things that needed to be done after the war – showing gratitude and caring for revolutionary contributors. He understood that working people are the ones who have to endure the greatest hardship. The President asked the Party to pay more attention to improving people’s lives and exempt the farmers from taxes for one year. Our Party honored the President’s wish.”

Party needs to constantly care for people’s lives

Wishing for a prosperous society and happy people, President Ho Chi Minh wrote in his testament “The Party must work out effective plans for economic and cultural development to constantly improve the life of our people.”

During the national renewal years, President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching became the lodestar for the Party and State.

Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Trong Phuc, former Director the Party History Institute of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, said “During the national renewal period we tried our best to implement President Ho Chi Minh’s testament. The Party and State have adopted policies concerning national contributors and implemented resolutions on fundamental education reform, and cultural development. The Party has catered to people’s legitimate interests and promoted the people’s role in national development.”

After 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s testament, the Communist Party of Vietnam has led the Vietnamese people to successfully implement renewal policy, escape crisis, and stabilize and improve their lives. The noble humanistic ideology of the testament continues to ligh the Vietnamese Party, State, and people on the path to becoming a prosperous people, a strong country, and a just society, democracy, and, and civilization.  


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