Government leader highlights Vietnamese success in COVID-19 fight

VOV.VN - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has attributed the country’s success in combatting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to being fully aware of the danger posed by the epidemic early, devising effective preventive measures, having a clear direction, and enjoying great public support.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc details why Vietnam has been successful in containing the coronavirus pandemic while responding to foreign media agencies in Vietnam
The Vietnamese government leader made the remarks in a recent interview granted to a range of foreign media agencies based locally, including Bloomberg News of the United States, NHK television and Akahata newspaper of Japan, along with TASS news agency of Russia, during which he detailed the nation’s epidemic prevention and control efforts.

PM Phuc also emphasized the persistent view of the Party, State, and Government that "fighting the epidemic is like combating an enemy”. This attitude has meant that the country has always stayed proactive and vigilant, whilst been swift to mobilise its overall strength and being active in involving the entire political system and community.

In addition, epidemic prevention has been considered a top priority since the very first outbreak, with a major focus placed on preventing the spread of epidemic from the outside, zoning off any epidemic-hit areas, offering effective treatment to individual cases, and accepting that immediate economic benefits must be sacrificed in order to protect people's health and lives in an efficient way.

In the face of a range of negative economic impacts caused as a result of the spread of the epidemic, the Government has initiated plenty of measures which aim to support the national economy, remove challenges faced in terms of production and business, whilst also providing bailout packages to support workers and ensure social security.

Thanks to these steps, the country has effectively contained the epidemic whilst simultaneously maintaining the macro economy and adapting to a "new normal", with the goal of meeting GDP growth of 4.5% to 5% in 2020 still possible.

With regard to the nation’s role in international co-operation as part of the global COVID-19 fight, the Vietnamese government has noted some of the wide range of practical activities launched by the country.

These measures include offering medical masks and supplies, in addition to sharing experience in terms of epidemic prevention efforts with other countries and international organisations in a bid to encourage closer co-operation earning several international plaudits in the process.

To mark the occasion, PM Phuc extended his gratitude to members of international media agencies for acknowledging the Vietnamese efforts, whilst providing comprehensive and objective assessments with regard to the situation.

Moreover, the nation’s positive results in prevention and control of the COVID-19 locally have been noted, serving as a great source of encouragement for both the Government and people in the fight against the pandemic.

In response, foreign journalists congratulated Vietnam on its success and stated their appreciation for its effective prevention measures.