CPV holds policy dialogue with Germany’s left-wing party

A delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has had the second policy dialogue with the left-wing party Die Linke of Germany in Berlin during an ongoing visit to the European nation.

cpv holds policy dialogue with germany’s left-wing party hinh 0
Hoang Binh Quan (third, left), head of the CPV Central Committee’s External Relations Commission, and the Vietnamese delegation at the second policy dialogue with the left-wing party Die Linke of Germany

The dialogue was co-chaired by Hoang Binh Quan, head of the CPV Central Committee’s External Relations Commission, and Die Linke leader Bernd Riexinger. It also saw the presence of some policymaking agencies and research institutes of Vietnam and Germany.

The two sides discussed the political situation and trends in Europe and Germany following the European Parliament election, along with the impacts of relations among big countries like the US, China and Russia on the geostrategy in Asia and Europe.

They pointed out the challenges facing left-wing forces posed by the emergence of far-right forces, the extreme nationalism, the profound division in racial and migration issues, and the growing social inequality.

The participants shared their viewpoints on major international issues that are affecting the building of foreign policies of Germany, the European Union and Vietnam. They also looked into some big issues during Vietnam’s building of a socialist-oriented market economy, as well as opportunities and challenges the country is facing during its economic integration into the world.

During the visit from September 9-13, the CPV delegation also had meetings with Vice President of the German federal parliament Petra Pau; leaders of the Party of the European Left, and the German federal ministries of foreign affairs and economic affairs and energy; Governor of Thuringia state Bodo Ramelow; and businesses having partnerships with Vietnam.

At the events, the German side affirmed that they continue supporting the healthy development of the two countries’ relations. They shared the view that both sides will keep reinforcing cooperation in the areas matching Germany’s strength and Vietnam’s demand like smart infrastructure development, renewable energy, vocational training, and manufacturing-processing technology.

The two sides also agreed to continue supporting each other at multilateral forums and the United Nations and promote ties in the fields under the Vietnam-Germany strategic partnership.

On this occasion, Quan informed the German side about the situation in the East Sea and the region and Vietnam’s viewpoints on the settlement of sea-related disputes. He also highly valued Germany’s role in and attitude towards security in the region.

He reiterated that Vietnam sees Germany as a leading EU partner, noting that bilateral cooperation is growing well and has much room to further develop in the time ahead when both are preparing to mark 45 years of their diplomatic relationship and to take over important positions in ASEAN, the EU and the UN.

He asked the countries to continue organising high-level delegation exchanges, sharing viewpoints on international and regional issues in a timely manner, and exchanging policymaking experience.

The official expressed his hope that party-to-party relations will keep making practical contributions to cooperation between Vietnam and Germany.