Abusing human rights to violate national rights is a wrongdoing

VOV.VN - Abusing human rights to talk biasedly about Vietnam, split, and create political provocation is not a new story but a common artifice that hostile forces use in order to intervene and sabotage the political regime in many countries. But abusing human rights to violate national rights is a wrong doing.

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According to statistics of the Ministry of Defense, last year the number of slanders against human rights in Vietnam rose sharply attempting to intervene, provoke, and disturb the situation and then change the political regime in Vietnam.

Vietnam promotes human rights

Under the UN Charter, human rights is a universal value and people in all countries want their rights to be ensured. The rights that people enjoy today are the achievements of struggles and the national right of self-determination is mentioned in the first place in most international treaties.

In its renewal process and comprehensive integration over the past decades, Vietnam has always centered on human rights considering it the goal and motivation of its development policies.

Vu Thu Hong of the Hanoi Protestant Church said "The Party and State have paid attention to freedom of belief and religion. Religious followers are free to practice their religious activities. We are very happy."

Nguyen Van Sang of the Ta Chau diocese said "Thanks to the Party and State’s support, Catholic followers have done many good jobs. We have together developed large farms by gathering small pieces of land. We are confident in the Party guidelines and State policies."

Hoang Van Dinh of the Buon Me Thuot diocese affirmed freedom of belief and religion and ensured human rights in Vietnam "We are very happy because the Party and government bring us happiness in this secular life."

Vietnam’s achievements in ensuring human rights are acknowledged by both Vietnamese and foreign people. The right to access information and internet freedom is an example.

Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam Saadi Salama, who has been in Vietnam for 20 years, said "I have been working in many countries and can say that internet is one of the favorable conditions that the Vietnamese government created for people living in Vietnam making them feel that Vietnam is determined to boost international integration, befriend other countries, promote peace, respect international law, and strengthen economic and trade ties to develop human values on earth.”

Recent statistics show that around 70% of Vietnamese people access the internet daily for their daily needs, study, entertainment, and for the exercise of their rights like contributing their opinions to draft legal documents.

Vietnam has effectively popularized policies on human rights and protected human rights. Vietnam was the first country to approve the Convention on Anti-Violence against Women and Children. Since the 2013 Constitution was approved Vietnam has fine-tuned its institutions and policies and revised more than 100 laws concerning human rights.

Last November, the National Assembly ratified the revised Labor Code with new stipulations to better ensure the rights of workers, in line with major international conventions of the International Labor Organization. The revisions evidence the Vietnamese government’s respect for human rights and people’s interests.

Abusing human rights to violate national rights is a wrongdoing

Claims of human rights violations in Vietnam have been proved groundless. Some international organizations and some governments released biased human rights reports on Vietnam showing their lack of knowledge and biased view of Vietnam.

Deputy Foreign Minister Le Hoai Trung said, "At the two dialogues where we presented reports on human rights in Vietnam within the framework of the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council, most delegates praised Vietnam’s achievements in ensuring human rights while some others had a negative view of Vietnam due to a lack of information about the situation in Vietnam or personal bias.

They made up their own stories. They spoke without knowing about reality in Vietnam or their presentations had been prepared by others."

The Vietnamese government welcomes differences and respects contributions by the international community. But Vietnam never accepts arguments that deny the achievements it has obtained and which have been well received by the people.

The abuse of human rights to violate national rights is a brutal intervention into Vietnam’s internal affairs that run counter to efforts to increase understanding and promote peace and development around the world.


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