Pagodas overwhelmed with pilgrims during Lunar New Year holiday

The first lunar month is the busiest time of year at most pagodas and temples in HCM City as huge throngs of pilgrims are coming there to pray for health, wealth and good luck for the New Lunar Year.

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For centuries, many Vietnamese have kept the tradition of visiting pagodas during the first days of the lunar calendar to pray for peace and fortune for family.

Famous pagodas in District 5 are always crowded with visitors. In particular, Minh Huong Pagoda where Quan Cong, an ancient Chinese historical figure, is worshiped for his loyalty and sincerity and the Lady Thien Hau Temple dedicated to Thien Hau, a traditional Chinese goddess who is believed to have a miraculous ability to rescue fishermen and seafarers stranded at sea, are busier than usual.

Lieu Phuc Kien, a 65-year-old Chinese Vietnamese fabric business owner in the district, told the Daily that it is a long-held tradition of his family to drop by the Lady Thien Hau Temple on the third day of the first lunar month to pray for good luck and business in the year ahead.

In addition, the 125-year-old Jade Emperor pagoda houses intricate sculptures and woodcarvings. The pagoda was renamed Phuoc Hai in 1984 but local residents always call it the Jade Emperor pagoda.

Especially, the pagoda has drawn much attention from pilgrims at home and abroad since the then US President Barack Obama visited it during his Vietnam trip in 2015.

Saigon Times

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