US Company to open laundromats in Vietnam

VOV.VN - The US-based Alliance Laundry Systems plans to launch hundreds of self-service laundromats in major cities of Vietnam in the next five years, beginning from July, said Michael Schoeb, President and CEO at Alliance Laundry Systems.

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Alliance Laundry inaugurated its first representative office at Sala Urban Residential Area in Ho Chi Minh on May 30.

Mr.Schoeb said Vietnam is the first country in Southeast Asia that the company opened its With more than 93 million people and the middle class growth of 10% annually, the country is a potential market for Alliance to invest in.

This year, the company will open a chain of 7 Speed Queenlaundries in Ho Chi Minh City and want to increase the figure to 250 by 2020 in major cities and provinces across the country like Hanoi, Danang and Can Tho.

In the initial period, the company will operate the laundromats by itself and do not give franchise.

The company’s representative said it will focus on the quality of services and profits brought about by each laundromat and then make following plans. In Vietnam, Alliance will develop laundromats under the brand Speed Queen and open shops to sell its products like commercial washers, drying tumblers and ironers weighing 6-180kg.

As the largest commercial laundry company in the world, Alliance Laundry Systems offers world-class products and services with five brands: Speed Queen®, UniMac®, Huebsch®, IPSO®, and Primus®. It has three factories in China, the Czech Republic and the US with 2,900 staff.

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