Cambodia facilitates Vietnamese business operations

(VOV) - The Cambodian Government will ease difficulties, creating favourable conditions for Vietnamese businesses, including rubber producers, to operate efficiently in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Yim Chhayly made the commitment at a meeting with representatives of rubber companies operating in Cambodia.

He confirmed that his government will remove any obstacles facing the businesses and do its utmost to protect their legitimate rights in the country.

He appreciated the Vietnamese companies for having developed rubber plantation projects in Cambodia, helping foster local economy and reduce poverty in the community.

They have built schools, medical stations, pagodas, water and electricity supply systems, and roads in the areas where the projects were undertaken.

Vietnamese companies have deployed training programmes and created steady jobs for tens of thousands of local workers, he stressed.

To date Vietnamese businesses have planted rubber trees on 81,000 hectares of land, of which 70,000ha came from the Vietnam Rubber Industry Group.

Next year, the Vietnam Rubber Corporation plans to reclaim an additional 30,000ha of land and plant the tree on 25,000ha.

Vietnamese businesses aim to complete the ongoing 100,000 ha rubber plantation plan in 2014, one year ahead of schedule.