AT&T eyes Vietnam market

US telecom group AT&T is aiming for the Vietnamese market by providing monitoring and positioning services for the transportation sector and connecting cars via 3G and 4G technology, cooperating with Viettel.

Sandy Verma, Senior Director in charge of Internet of Things Solutions of AT&T Asia Pacific said, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, up to 86% of CIOs worldwide said that technology was changing their business practice.

Data analysis and Internet of Things – IoT - are emerging as the most significant technologies.

With IoT, mobile phones are not just used for making calls or sending text messages but can open doors, turn on smart devices in homes, and connect devices in workshops and medical devices monitoring human health. AT&T is a leader in the US market for Internet of things and this group is promoting the trend in other markets.

Sandy Verma, Vietnam is a sea transport based economy as it exports many agricultural and marine products. For example, Vietnam shrimp exports have reached about US$4-6 billion dollars a year.

However, the export of marine products has many strict rules. The exporter preparing shrimp containers for export is not fully aware of the quality of their product and whether it is suitable for the export market. With the service offered by AT&T, in cooperation with Viettel, the exporter can discover information about your shipment status.

Specifically, AT&T will provide a device called Cargo View, with a size as small as a cup, to track shipments. The owners of the shipments will be able to know the status of their shrimp shipments during the transportation process and can locate the shipments.

Thus, when the shrimp shipments arrive at the port, the transportation will be prompt and the buyer of the shrimp would also be able to create in advance advertising campaigns and promotions for the new shipments.

AT&T allows access to Internet services on the phone in more than 200 countries, and more than 402,000 Wifi hot spots in more than 200 countries.

AT&T also places hopes on the meaningful development of cell-phone subscribers when they are connected to automobile services in the next three to five years, connecting nearly half of those who use wireless transport connections in the US in 2015.

A typical example is AT&T’s cooperation with Nissan to launch cars with 3G and 4G connections. Thus, Nissan can see the status of vehicles remotely. Last year AT&T partnered with other automotive manufacturers such as Ford, Audi, GM and Volvo.

Referring to the Vietnam market access, Sandy Verma said he would introduce the Internet of Things to associations so they could see the benefits.