Vietsovpetro surpasses first-half natural gas exploitation target

The Vietnam-Russia oil and gas joint venture Vietsovpetro has reported that its natural gas exploitation in the first half of the year surpassed 17.3% of its target and reached 47 million cu m.

vietsovpetro surpasses first-half natural gas exploitation target hinh 0
At Bach Ho field

The joint venture also implemented contracts with partners for operation and exploitation services at mines.

It extracted and brought ashore 694.7 million cu.m of gas, exceeding 28.1% of the plan during the period.

Regarding marine construction, Vietsovpetro processed over 3,986 tonnes and performed offshore assembly of over 5,917 tonnes of metal structure. Anti-corrosion work was performed on an area of over 112,023 sq.m, while 11.8 km of underground pipelines were installed.

Of note, Vietsovpetro manufactured and installed the BK-21 platform offshore, with its superstructure now being built.

Vietsovpetro said that in the last six months, it continued to implement synchronous solutions, in particular organisational-technical measures (OTM), to overcome difficulties and complete its annual business and production plan in the context of ongoing impacts from COVID-19.