Vietnam disagrees with USDA inspection program

(VOV) -Vietnam was disappointed about the US Department of Agriculture’s plan to inspect fish of Siluriformes family including tra and basa fish in the country.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Hai Binh made the remarks on November 30 in response to reporters’ queries on Vietnam’s reaction to the US Department of Agriculture’s Inspection Program on fish of Siluriformes family.

Binh said Vietnamese tra and basa fish are Vietnam’s main export items to the US market. Vietnamese companies operate under the market mechanism and always abide by food safety regulations when exporting these products to the US market.

Therefore, it’s not necessary to implement the inspection program on these products in Vietnam. Vietnam and many American organizations, agencies and congressmen opposed this program. ASEAN countries are concerned about possible effect that this program has on their exports.

Vietnam is worried that the program will become a non-tariff trade barrier which is likely to seriously impact its exports and farmers’ lives as well as American consumers’ interests.

Vietnam will work with the US Department of Agriculture and closely follow the implementation of the program to ensure legitimate interests of both nations.