US anti-dumping duties on Vietnam’s frozen fish unfair

VOV.VN - The US Department of Commerce recently released the final results of its 13th administrative review of anti-dumping duties on frozen tra and basa fish imported from Vietnam,with record high taxation, triple that of the 12th review.

us anti-dumping duties on vietnam’s frozen fish unfair hinh 0
Vietnam’s frozen tra fish fillets will be subject to anti-dumping duties of 2.39 to US$7.74 per kg, which will adversely affect Vietnam’s fish exports to the US.

In a recent interview granted to VOV, Commercial Counsellor and Head of the Vietnam Trade Office in the US Bui Huy Son said the US decision is unfair and groundless.

“It is clearly to see that the US’s anti-dumping duties on Vietnam’s frozen fish is unreasonably high, unfair, groundless, and incorrect, and will have a negative impact on Vietnam’s frozen tra fish fillet exports. In fact, throughout the review process, the Department of Commerce used different calculation methods like changing the surrogate country from Bangladesh to Indonesia and using adverse facts available which have resulted in such unusual tax rates,” Son said.

Mr. Son said Vietnam still has ways to change the decision, including requesting the US to review the decision and reduce the tariff rates, and filing suit in the US Court of International Trade.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has been working closely with the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers and local exporters to share information and give the US authorities feedback on the issue.