Project to help Vietnamese startups access North America markets

A project called “Zone Startups Vietnam” was officially launched in Ho Chi Minh City on November 20, aiming to helping Vietnamese entrepreneurs access North America markets.

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The event was jointly organised by Ryerson Futures Group of Canada and Vietnamese partners namely UniBrands, VinaCapital, Trung Thuy Group and TalentNet. 

Once put into official operation, the project is hoped to provide more opportunities for Vietnamese startups, especially in accessing capital, thus accelerating their business and production. 

According to Mohamed Lachemi, President of Ryerson University of Canada, the project will begin with Next big Idea - a programme for startups to reach potential North American markets, especially Toronto (Canada), which is the fourth largest city in North America and also one of the fastest growing technology centres in the world.

He said in India, Next big Idea has helped more than 30 companies expand their international networks by connecting with potential customers in North America since 2013.

With its presence in Zone Startups Vietnam, the programme is expected to give Vietnamese startups the best opportunities to establish connections with partners in the US, Canada and India, he stressed.

Zone Startups Vietnam will receive registration to participate in Next big Idea. Pitching sessions (presentation of creative ideas) will be held in HCM City, Hanoi and Da Nang. Entrepreneurs can show their ability and desires to develop their operation in the North American markets.

Zone Startups Vietnam looks for startup projects in the sphere of technology, bringing innovative software with great potential in Vietnam, and regional and global markets. 

If they are accepted to join the programme, startups will be given advices from many experienced experts in this field, have chances to be connected to a broader network of partners, and be supported in upgrading their strategies to call for investment ; as well as be accessed to business expansion opportunities.

Don Lam, General Director of VinaCapital, expressed the belief that technology is one of areas that has the fastest growing potential, and will play a role in boosting economic efficiency of other sectors.

He affirmed that VinaCapital will be one of the supporting channels for startup companies to foster their development, contributing positively to Vietnam’s economic growth.


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