NA Vice Chairman urges completion of FTA with European Free Trade Area

Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Phung Quoc Hien has urged member countries of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) to continue pushing forward with the negotiation on a free trade agreement between Vietnam and the EFTA with due consideration for core interest of both sides.

na vice chairman urges completion of fta with european free trade area hinh 0

He made the call during a reception for a delegation of parliamentarians from EFTA nations led by Vice President of the Norwegian parliament Svein Roald Hansler in Hanoi on October 5. 

Hien appreciated the development of ties between Vietnam and EFTA member countries, noting that trade and investment exchanges between Vietnam and the EFTA have seen expansion but are still yet to meet both sides’ potential and strength. 

He suggested that in the coming time, the two sides encourage EFTA enterprises to increase their investment and operation in sectors with high demand in Vietnam. 

Host and guests shared the view that an early conclusion of the FTA will lay a foundation for propelling the bilateral cooperation in economics and trade. 

The visiting parliamentarians expressed their wish that EFTA and Vietnam will develop a more intensive and comprehensive partnership, thus promoting their goods, services and investment exchanges. 

Previously, the EFTA delegation held talks with the NA’s Committees for External Affairs, and Economic Affairs. The two sides agreed to enhance cooperation in diplomacy, economics and delegation exchanges, thus boosting the Vietnam-EFTA parliamentary relations.


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