Ministry takes measures to aid firms hit by social disorder

The Ministry of Finance’s Insurance Supervisory Authority has held a working session with officials from Ha Tinh and Binh Duong provinces, discussing mechanisms to support the affected businesses following recent disturbances.

At the function, the Authority’s working delegation asked the provinces to assist insurance companies in assessing the real damage of the businesses caused by the incidents. This aims to quicken up payment for the damage.

Regarding the response to the riots, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has laid out a set of actions in support of the affected enterprises in some localities, asking ministries and agencies nationwide to roll them out as soon as possible. 

PM Dung asked the Finance Ministry to direct tax and customs agencies, on the basis of real loss of the firms, to extend the deadline for submitting tax declarations and tax and budget payments arising before May 2014. 

Meanwhile, the southern province of Dong Nai pledges to assist the affected businesses to restore production and business activities, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Dinh Quoc Thai said at a May 21 meeting with representatives of local businesses. 

Ly Quang Dung, deputy chief of the provincial police, said the force has been applying a range of measures to ensure absolute safety for workers, investors and their firms. The local police will soon bring the lawbreakers who caused the problems to trial. 

Moreover, the provincial customs department promised to help enterprises who have suffered a loss of documents and records related to customs declarations restore the data. 

Huynh Thanh Binh, Deputy Director of the Dong Nai Customs Department further said the department will extend the deadline for tax payment for affected businesses while exempting or reducing import and value-added taxes levied on imported machines and materials which were damaged during the disturbances. 

The firms that suffered damage will have a 275-day extension to pay tax and receive support to make electronic customs declarations. 

A representative from the General Association of Taiwanese Businesses thanked the local authorities for timely actions to support Taiwanese firms. She called on the Taiwanese business circle to make efforts to overcome the temporary difficulties and resume production and business activities. 

Concurring with her point of view, Imamura Tomofumi, representing the Japanese Business Association in Dong Nai, said he hopes that the province will continue to provide support to help investors, including those from Japan, expand their investment in the coming time. 

The disturbances erupted during workers’ rallies in protest of China’s illegal dispatch of its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou – 981 in Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone from early May. 

Some extremists incited others to destroy property of foreign firms as well as of the State, businesses and individuals, and acted against law enforcement officials, disrupting social order and business activities. Thanks to the government’s timely interference, most affected companies have returned to work and social order and security has been restored.