Mining Vietnam 2014 opens in Hanoi

(VOV) - More than 150 companies from 30 nations worldwide participated in the second International Mining and Minerals Recovery Exhibition (Mining Vietnam 2014) which opened in Hanoi on March 11.

The event showcased, advanced technology and equipment which aims to develop and improve the mining industry in Vietnam.

Many of the products on display were geared towards mining safety environmental protection, recovery of natural resources after extraction, and the assessment of geology and mineral resources.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam has more than 5,000 coal mines and other different kinds of ores.

The requirement for Vietnam’s mining industry is to use modern technologies and reduce the negative impacts of mining on the environment as well as increase exploitation productivity.

Two seminars will be also held during the event to provide companies with knowledge and new trends in the mining industry.

The event will run through to March 13.