First cashier-free convenience store appears in HCM City

A convenience store which lets shoppers walk in, load up on the items they want and walk out without having to wait in lines or at checkout counters to pay has recently emerged in HCMC.

first cashier-free convenience store appears in hcm city hinh 0
Customers can freely enter the Toromart store, and choose the products they need by touch-screen ordering on vending machines. They will then use their smartphones which are already installed with the Toro wallet app to make online payments via QR code. Therefore, the store is without sales staff and cashiers.

The automated store on Mac Thi Buoi Street in District 1 offers a variety of products such as
soft drinks, coffee, instant noodles, ice cream and snacks.

Its customers may purchase food and beverages, and eat at the facility.

The operator of the chain U.S.-based Kootoro Services Co Ltd told the Daily that the company will launch around 10 such stores in the next four months.

The company is also installing vending machines which use the same payment method in busy places in HCMC. Early this month, such machines went up at Ton Duc Thang University in District 7.

Saigon Times

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