Finance Ministry improves anti-corruption work

The Auditor General of the Audit State Office of Vietnam, Nguyen Huu Van said on November 13 that the Finance Ministry has made remarkable progress in the prevention and fight corruption.

The Auditor General, a member of the Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption, was the head of a working team tasked with conducting supervision of anti-corruption work at the Finance Ministry. 

Following the inspection, the working team concluded that positive changes were seen at the ministry, particularly in measures to prevent and curb corruption. 

The ministry has made administrative procedure reform one of its key tasks, with top priority given to streamlining procedures, tax filing and payment are made more simple, thus improving national competitiveness and better preventing corruption. 

The management of personnel work has been tightened with a view to making the process of recruitment and official appointment more transparent and democratic, while inspections are increased to timely detect any signs of corruptive acts. 

The ministry has also tried hard to promote transparency in all its operations, particularly in sensitive areas such as budget estimates and balance, public debt data, inspections and supervision. 

Internal inspection work has been enhanced, which uncovered 23 cases of corruption, while another four cases were brought to light through processing the public’s complaints. 

The working team also pointed out outstanding weaknesses and shortcomings for the ministry to promptly overcome. 

They recommended the ministry to continue with its good work, while reviewing existing regulations in financial areas to detect any gaps or mistakes that can facilitate corruption.