EVNNPT strives to ensure progress of power transmission projects

The National Power Transmission Corporation under the Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVNNPT) plans to disburse over 18.1 trillion VND (797.6 million USD) to finish and put into operation 62 projects and start construction of 43 projects in 2018.

With this huge investment, the corporation aims to ensure the progress and quality of power transmission projects, said EVNNPT Deputy General Director Nguyen Tuan Tung at a conference to set forth plans for 2018 in Hanoi on January 12.
evnnpt strives to ensure progress of power transmission projects hinh 0

Tung said EVNNPT invested nearly VND18 trillion (US$792.2 million) in projects in 2017, equivalent to 94% of the adjusted target assigned by the EVN, and disbursement was more than VND18.1 trillion, equal to 95.1%  of the adjusted target.

With the capital, the corporation began construction on 38 projects, including six 500kV transmission projects and 32 220kV transmission ones.

In the year, 50 500kV and 220kV transmission projects were put into operation, many of which play an important role in ensuring power supply for regions across the country, notably projects ensuring electricity provision for Hanoi.

A factor helping the corporation to finish and start construction on its projects on schedule was the arrangement of investment capital. Specifically, EVNNPT signed domestic credit contracts totalling VND660 billion. It also worked to complete procedures to disburse loans from German’s Development Bank (KfW) and the Asia Development Bank (ADB).


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