20 born-in-80s millionaires of Vietnam in 2015

As of December 25, the 20richest millionaires on the stock market who were born in the 80s had total assets of VND4.16 trillion (over US$200 million). Some of them are spouses or brothers and sisters.

Most inherited the family tradition in business and have great support from the family.

They not only own stock volumes worth millions of USD but also hold important positions in companies listed on the stock market.

Additionally, these entrepreneurs were well trained, mostly in economics and finance.
The list of the 20 richest people who were born in the 80s:

The three brothers of Tram family

Three brothers Tram Trong Ngan, Tram Khai Hoa, and Tram Thuyet Kieu are the sons of tycoon Tram Be, the former vice chairman of the Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank - STB).

Currently, they hold about 115 million shares of STB worth VND1,336 billion (over US$60 million).
However, in October 2015, Tram Be pledged to transfer the shareholder rights of himself and his family members at Sacombank to the State Bank of Vietnam. Therefore, the holding of STB shares of
the three brothers of Tram family is anticipated to change in the near future.

Dang Hong Anh and Dang Huynh Uc My

Born in the early 80s, brother and sister Hong Anh and Uc My have been named on the list of the 100 richest people in the Vietnam stock market many years.

Dang Hong Anh currently owns 23.77 million shares of the Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate JSC (SCR) worth VND311 billion (US$15 million) although he no longer holds any position at this firm.

Uc My is known by the nickname the "Sugar Princess" as she has followed her mother's business (Ms. Huynh Bich Ngoc). Uc My currently holds the key position and possesses tens of million shares worth VND306 billion ($15 million) at many leading sugar companies nationwide as Bien Hoa Sugar (BHS), Ninh Hoa Sugar (NHS), and Thanh Thanh Cong Tay Ninh Sugar (SBT).

Le Thi Diu Minh

Minh Phu Seafood Corporation (MPC) was delisted from the stock market in late March 2015, but with 3.15 million MPC shares worth VND385 billion (US$19 million), Le Thi Diu Minh City is worthy to have her name on this list.

Diu Minh is the daughter of the "shrimp king" Mr. Le Van Quang, who is a member of the management board of Minh Phu Seafood Cooperation.

Dieu Chinh Hai Trieu - Nguyen Xuan Doai

Spouses Hai Trieu and Xuan Doai are holding a total of 4.68 million shares of the Mobile World Investments JSC (MWG) worth up to VND362 billion (US$17 million).

Trieu is the founder of Mobile World, and is a the Management Board Member and Chief Technical Officer there.

Do Huu Hau

Born in 1984 and with a Bachelor of Economics degree from China Foreign Trade University, Do Huu Hau is currently a Board Member of Hoang Huy Investment Services JSC (HHS), which trades trucks and real estate. Do Huu Hau owns 22.3 million HHS shares worth VND299 billion ($14 million).

Nguyen Thai Nga

Born in 1984, holding a Master Degree of Business Administration, Nguyen Thai Nga is a Board Member and Deputy General Manager of Dien Quang Lamp Company (DQC).

Thai Nga is the daughter of Mrs. Ho Thi Kim Thoa, former Chair of Dien Quang Lamp and currently the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade)

Thai Nga owns 3.75 million DQC shares equivalent to 12.93% of charter capital, worth VND212 billion ($10 million).

Nguyen Ngoc Huyen My

Huyen My was born in 1983 and is the daughter of Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Loan, Chair of Quoc Cuong Gia Lai JSC and sister of entrepreneur Nguyen Quoc Cuong. My holds 39.4 million QCG shares worth VND193 billion ($7 million).

Dang Thanh Duy

Dang Thanh Duy was born in 1983, holds a BA in economics. He is currently the Deputy CEO of Anh Duong Vietnam JSC (VNS), the owner of Taxi Vinasun. He is the son of Vinasun Chairman Dang Phuoc Thanh. Duy currently owns 5.4 million VNS shares worth VND162 billion ($8 million).

Ha Nguyet Nhi

Ha Nguyet Nhi was born in 1981. She is chair of Superdong - Kien Giang Speedboat JSC (SKG), which provides passenger and goods transportation services between the mainland and the island of Phu Quoc.

As of December 25, Nhi held more than 1.3 million SKG shares worth VND115 billion ($5 million).

Duong Hoang Quynh Nhu

Quynh Nhu is now a board member and deputy general director at Sacombank. She owns 9.6 million STB shares worth VND112 billion ($5 million).

Nguyen Ngoc Thai Binh

Nguyen Ngoc Thai Binh was born in 1982, holds a BA in Finance - Banking from University of Virginia in the United States. He is a Board Member, Finance Director of Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation (REE) and a board member of Thu Duc Water Supply Joint Stock Company (TDW).

For a time, he was a management board member of Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (STB). Thai Binh holds 2.7 million shares of REE and 2.53 million STB shares worth VND97.6 billion (over  $4 million).

Tran Ngoc Phuong Thao

Phuong Thao is the daughter of the President of Phu Nhuan Jewelry JSC (PNJ) Cao Thi Ngoc Dung and Tran Phuong Binh, former general director of East Asia Bank.
She is not only known as the daughter of two famous businesspeople but also has impressive academic achievements. She was offered full scholarships by five well-known universities for doctoral studies. Phuong Thao is a graduate of Harvard University with a PhD majoring in economics at the age of 26.

Phuong Thao currently holds 1.82 million PNJ shares worth VND78 billion (over $3 million).

Doan Chi Thanh - Doan Chi Thien

They are the sons of Mr. Doan Toi, Chair of Nam Viet JSC (ANV), a catfish processing business.
Both of them hold 9 million shares of ANV each, worth nearly VND74 billion (over $3 million) but only Chi Thanh is a board member at Nam Viet.

Nguyen Thanh Loan

Born in 1989, the youngest in the list, Nguyen Thanh Loan owns 6.2 million shares of Dai Thien Loc JSC (DTL) worth VND51 billion ($2.5 million).
In April 2015, Thanh Loan was appointed deputy general manager. Her father Nguyen Thanh Nghia is also the Chairman of the Executive Board at Dai Thien Loc.

Nguyen Thi Tuyet

Nguyen Thi Tuyet was born in 1982. She is the wife of Do Xuan Chieu, Chairman of Pomina Steel JSC (POM). Tuyet is a shareholder of POM. As of 25/12/2015, she held 5.25 million POM shares worth VND37 billion (nearly US$2 million).