Seminar seeks ways to preserve Na Nhem festival

VOV.VN - A large number of scholars and experts gathered at a seminar in Bac Son district, Lang Son province on November 23 to discuss measures to preserve and promote the national intangible cultural heritage – Na Nhem festival.

seminar seeks ways to preserve na nhem festival hinh 0
The Na Nhem Festival in Tran Yen Commune is a traditional festival held on January 15 by the lunar calender with a wide range of cultural activities, games and performances of Tay ethnic minority people in the area.

In 2012, after an interruption of more than five decades, Bac Son district authorities and scientists began work to restore Na Nhem festival.

The festival features the struggle against foreign invaders to protect villages in the late 17th century. It also aims to educate the young generation in patriotism and solidary tradition and to promote local economic development.

Na Nhem festival was recognized as the national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2015.

Hoang Thi Luan, vice chairwoman of Bac Son district People’s Committee, said the seminar helps clarify cultural values of Na Nhem festival in order to devise specific measures to restore and develop it as well as repair relicts related to the intangible cultural heritage.

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