Exhibition promotes Quang Nam province’s sea tourism, culture

VOV.VN - The central province of Quang Nam, with beautiful beaches and the unique culture of its residents, creates a strong potential for sea tourism development.

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Quang Nam is coordinating with other localities to promote culture and beach tours. This is the theme of an exhibition called “Cultural Heritage of Vietnam’s Sea and Islands” as part of the 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival. 

A “bả trạo” chant, sung at local festivals to pray for safe and productive fishing, was rehearsed by a group of fishermen from Phu Yen province to be performed at the exhibition at Tam Thanh square in Tam Ky.

Huynh Van Minh, a member of the Phu Yen “bả trạo” club, said, “‘Bả trạo’ chant praises the physical strength of fishermen. The chant, which accompanies whale worshipping festivals in most of Vietnam’s coastal areas, has been preserved for generations. It encourages coastal residents to embrace and honor offshore fishing despite its hardships.”

The Phu Yen fishermen were joined by fishermen from 15 other localities to extol their coastal culture through art performances.

The exhibition featured photos, documents, and ancient maps describing Vietnam’s sea and islands throughout history. 19 royal documents from the Nguyen dynasty confirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Truong Sa (Spratly) and Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelagoes. 

The 16 localities participating in the exhibition were showcasing their cultural heritage, beach tours, costumes, and food and craft specialties.

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Truong Cong Ly, Deputy Director of the Culture Center of Ba Ria–Vung Tau province, told VOV, “Our exhibition focuses on provincial development from the time when the southern area was reclaimed until now, when Ba Ria–Vung Tau province becomes a regional economic hub. We wanted to introduce the traditional festivals of local residents, whose fortunes have improved thanks to the sea and local tourism development.”

In Quang Nam province the sea is not only the main source of income but is also closely associated with a diverse culture. Quang Nam province is widely known for Hoi An ancient town, Ha My fishing village, Cua Khe fish sauce village, and other handicraft villages.

Dinh Hai, Director of the Quang Nam provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said, “Quang Nam province initially relied on its marine economy. The sea is the root of local culture, spiritual life, and social development. This exhibition is expected to help uphold the younger generation’s responsibility to preserve Vietnam’s sea and island culture”.


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