National Authority of Tourism developing culinary map

Vietnam’s tourism development strategy to 2030 has identified culinary tourism as a typical product for positioning the country’s tourism brand.

After the prestigious culinary rating system Michelin Guide came to Vietnam in June, the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism launched a project to develop a culinary tourism map of Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine has proven its appeal and global allure, finding favour with a large number of international visitors.

In 2019 and 2020, Vietnam was voted at the World Travel Awards as “Asia’s Leading Culinary Destination”.

In June, the world-famous culinary guide Michelin Guide came to the country, and many Vietnamese dishes have been voted as best in the world on various travel websites and in international media.

The country’s tourism industry has identified food as a cultural feature that attracts visitors, especially international visitors.

To position Vietnam’s culinary tourism brand, the Tourism Information Centre at the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism and Nestlé Vietnam have launched a project embellishing myriad raw materials and cooking millions of Vietnamese dishes.

In the immediate future, the project focuses on applying information technology so that localities can put typical culinary products on the same national register, thereby building a digital map of Vietnamese cuisine.

Through this programme the two parties are striving to promote quintessential Vietnamese culinary values, arouse a passion for cooking, and broaden the sense of pride in Vietnamese cuisine.

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