Hai Phong dish rated as world’s best red noodle soup with crab

VOV.VN - “Bánh đa cua”, a local delicacy of Hai Phong, has been rated as the best red noodle soup with crab in the world by food experts, according to international food website TasteAtlas.

This colourful noodle soup is a local specialty that hails from Hai Phong, the article reported.

It consists of a pork-based broth that is topped with a variety of ingredients, such as crab meat, fresh herbs, pork balls, and either chả lụa sausage or ground meat wrapped with betel leaves (bò lá lốt), TasteAtlas wrote.

The ingredients may vary depending on the establishment it is sold in, but each bowl needs to have a serving of locally-made noodles (bánh đa) that are characterised by their light red hue. Lime wedges, lettuce, perilla leaves, or sliced chili peppers are usually served on the side, the food website shared.

Many people believe that taking a food tour of Hai Phong without trying crab noodles would leave an incomplete journey.

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