Da Nang mountain among Asia's most scenic: Microsoft Travel

The Microsoft Travel news site has listed the central coastal city of Da Nang City among the eight places with the best scenic mountain views in Asia.

It wrote: “To the west of the city is a hill station and resort called Ba Na Hills, where you can find the majestic Golden Bridge. You can take a cable car ride to and from the resort.”

Ba Na Hills, around 25 kilometers from downtown Da Nang, lies 1,400 meters above sea level and has a complex of luxury resorts, theme parks, and amusement facilities.

In 2018, the 150-metre-long Golden Bridge, designed like giant hands from fiberglass and mesh wire, was built on Ba Na Hills and quickly became one of the tourism symbols of the city.

Another leading attraction in the city are the Marble Mountains, a cluster of five marble and limestone hills with pagodas on top and hidden caves with Buddhist shrines.

Other destinations in the list are India's Srinagar and Gangtok, China's Huangshan and Lhasa, the Philippines' Baguio, and Nepal's Kathmandu.

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