Vietnam Family Day 2023 to be celebrated with various activities

VOV.VN - The Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts in Hanoi is planning to host a string of activities in celebration of Vietnam Family Day 2023, which falls on June 28 annually.

A photo exhibition titled "Nơi tôi đến" (Where I arrive) will depict the life of female workers who migrate to the capital to earn a living, build happy families, and overcome difficulties to take care of children.

The Eggs Festival will be held for the second time in 2023, providing an opportunity for Vietnamese families to experience painting on eggs, making egg-based artistic creations, and egg-based beverages.

An art and culture exchange programme will also be held, with participants sharing their experience on building a happy family. The programme will draw the participation of artists, businessmen, soldiers, and workers nationwide.

Most notably, the Vietnam-US Cultural Festival 2023 will be held for the first time in Vietnam to mark 28 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries. An art performance, a check-in spot with Harley Davidson motorcycles, and a culinary exchange themed "Khi Buger gặp Bánh mì" (When burger meets baguette) will get underway as part of the occasion.

Since 2001, June 28 has been observed as Vietnam Family Day, aiming to honour the traditional cultural values of Vietnamese families. The festive day helps participants to have the chance to interact with each other and share their experience in building happy and cultural families.

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