Poland to transfer COVID-19 vaccines to Vietnam

VOV.VN - The Polish Government is poised to donate COVID-19 vaccines to the nation based on non-profit principles, according to Michał Dworczyk, head of the Polish Prime Minister's Office.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Poland Nguyen Hung stated the vaccine-related issue would be one of the talking points during an upcoming phone call between Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his Vietnamese counterpart which is scheduled to take place on August 17.

Last year saw the country receive widespread plaudits for being judged to have competently contained numerous outbreaks of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has spread rapidly over recent months compared to other strains which previously caused outbreaks.

In the face of the current situation, the Poland-Vietnam parliamentary group and the Poland-Vietnam Friendship Association, supported by Polish Ambassador to Vietnam Wojciech Gerwel and Vietnamese Ambassador to Poland Nguyen Hung, have put forward the idea of vaccine does being given from Poland's leftover stock.

Furthermore, the Polish Embassy in Vietnam will receive approximately 1,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses which will be administered to Polish employees residing in the nation.
During the working session held between Minister Dworczyk and Ambassador Nguyen Hung, together with a group of Polish-Vietnamese parliamentarians and representatives from the Poland-Vietnam Friendship Association, participants expressed gratitude to the Polish side for their support. In addition, members praised the prompt realization of the vaccine initiative.

Representatives of the various parties expressed their hope that the Eastern European country would donate more COVID-19 vaccines to the nation to support the ongoing fight against the pandemic. It is therefore anticipated that there will be agreements for the delivery of further batches of the remaining Polish vaccines in the near future.

According to Polish newswire trybuna.info, Vietnam has maintained time-honoured co-operative relations with the European nation for more than seven decades and is now regarded as a strategic partner of Poland in Southeast Asia and in the ASEAN community.

There are tens of thousands of Vietnamese citizens living in Poland, as well being hundreds of Polish expats residing in Vietnam.

There are many Vietnamese students pursuing higher education at Polish universities and increasing numbers of young Polish people deciding to study at Vietnamese universities. The two countries and peoples have been bound together by family ties and friendship for years.