PM urges localities to carefully monitor storm circulation

VOV.VN - Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has called on all localities to continue keeping a close watch on Typhoon Noru’s circulation and take prompt and effective actions in the event of severe flooding.

PM Chinh made the statement at an online meeting held on September 28 with eight localities in the central and central highlands regions aimed at assessing the damage caused by Typhoon Noru and recovery efforts taking place in the aftermath of the storm.

Upon addressing the event, PM Chinh highlighted the thorough preparations and proactive response to the typhoon made by the central provinces, particularly regarding measures to overcome the consequences of the weather event amid complicated downpours and floods which struck the region as a result of storm circulation.

Moving forward, the top priority should be given to ensuring the safety of reservoirs, dams, people's lives, and properties, as well as resuming production and business activities in a fast and efficient manner, thereby contributing to stabilising the macro-economy, ensuring economic growth, and containing inflation, the PM stressed.

The PM went on to request that localities urgently overcome the consequences of the storm, clean up streets to ensure traffic safety, quickly remediate public works, and provide timely support to people, especially those  in affected localities.

He therefore asked localities to maintain high vigilance, strictly monitor the aftermath of the storm, and take timely and effective actions for possible severe flooding. In addition, efforts should be made to evacuate people in areas prone to landslides and flashfloods to safer places.

According to a report conducted by the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration, thanks to a proactive response and thorough preparations, damage caused by Typhoon Noru has largely been minimised.

As of 10 a.m. on September 28, four people have been injured, three houses have collapsed, while 157 houses have been damaged by strong winds, mainly in Quang Tri, and three small fishing vessels have been sunk.

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