One million Vietnamese people have vaccine passports

VOV.VN - As of April 20 approximately one million Vietnamese had vaccine passports, with the figure doubling in comparison to data provided five days previously, according to statistics detailed by the Information Technology Department under the Ministry of Health.

An electronic vaccine passport is an electronic COVID-19 vaccination certificate that has been issued by the Ministry of Health to Vietnamese people, with this technology making use of standards issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the EU. The type of passport is currently in use across 62 countries globally and will be used by more nations in the near future.

The validity of the electronic vaccine passport is 12 months from the date of issue and is a technical solution which ensures information safety and security. Once it expires, the system will automatically generate a new QR code.

According to Nguyen Ba Hung, deputy director of the Health Data Center under the Ministry of Health, the information of vaccinated people has been accurately loaded to the vaccination system after the information was verified correctly with the National Database of Population. As a result, people will be issued with a vaccine passport without having to perform any further procedures.

This process is currently carried out by vaccination facilities, with the Department of Preventive Medicine in charge of digital signings.

The electronic vaccine passport is being displayed on the PC-COVID and Electronic Health Book applications which citizens can sign in on the two applications in order to look up information.

The Ministry of Health also stated that the heads of various vaccination facilities are responsible if people's vaccination information is incorrect and not updated in time, thereby impacting the issuance of vaccine passports that serve travel and international trade.

From April 15 the Ministry of Health signed a document regarding the issuance of vaccine passports to people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Previously, as of April 8, the Ministry of Health has requested that localities and vaccination facilities nationwide confirm vaccination information with digital signatures.

A total of 19 countries have so far recognized Vietnamese vaccine passport, including Japan, the United States, the UK, Australia, India, Belarus, Cambodia, the Philippines, Palestine, Maldives, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Turkey, Singapore, Saint Lucia, the Republic of Korea, Iran, and Malaysia.