Large drug trafficking ring busted in north-western Vietnam

VOV.VN - The border guard force have broken a large drug tracking ring in the north-western province of Dien Bien, arresting three suspects along with 144,000 pills of synthetic drugs and 12 cakes of heroin.

The operation was conducted by the border guard force of Dien Bien province in collaboration with relevant agencies, the Border Guard Command said on January 9.  

Tipped off by colleagues, local border guards and relevant agencies on January 8 stopped a running motorbike for search. The motorbike was controlled by Tan Sao and Tan Dau of Lai Chau province. Both were in their 40s

Relevant agencies found the two men were carrying two backpacks with 144,000 pills of synthetic drugs and 2 cakes of heroin inside weighing a total of 700 grams.

Both Sao and Dau confessed that they had received 480,000 Chinese yuan from a man in Lai Chau to go to landmark No. 2 along the Vietnam - Laos border and get the drugs from two Lao nationals to deliver them to a Chinese person.

Hours later, relevant agencies arrested Mua A De, a 33-year-old local of Dien Bien, seizing 10 cakes of heroin weighing about 3.5 kilos.