Job arrangement urged for Vietnamese workers in Taiwan factory fire

The Department of Overseas Labour Management under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs has directed the arrangement of jobs for over 160 Vietnamese workers who lost their jobs due to a blaze that broke out in a factory’s dormitory in Taoyuan city, Taiwan (China) on April 28.

The department requested the Defence Economic Technical Industry Corporation under the Ministry of National Defence to closely work with Taiwanese partners to soon arrange work for these Vietnamese workers and ensure their salary.

It asked the labour management department in Taipei to continuously follow the situation and report the latest developments relating to Vietnamese workers.

No Vietnamese workers have been found injured or dead in the fire, according to the labour management department in Taipei, adding that it had requested Taiwanese brokerage companies to work with Chin Poon Industrial Co to arrange new jobs for the affected workers.
No Vietnamese workers have been found injured or dead in the fire (Photo: VNA)
At first, the company will allow workers to stop working for a period to repair its workshop. During that time, it still pays salary for workers and considers removing some to another factory.

Chin Poon Industrial Co is a major company in Taiwan specialising in producing and assembling electronic equipment and spare parts. It recruits a lot of workers from Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. More than 1,000 Vietnamese are working for the company, including over 160 working at the factory in Pingzhen district where the fire broke out.

Shortly after the accident occurred, the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei coordinated with the Taoyuan authority and the Vietnamese brides’ association to provide food and water for the affected workers. The office also asked the labour brokers, who introduced the Vietnamese workers to work in Taiwan, to work with the factory to offer them temporary accommodation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has directed the office to continue keeping a close watch on the incident and get updates on investigation findings from the local authority. The office was also tasked to cooperate with relevant agencies and companies to help the Vietnamese workers return to normal life soon.
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