Ha Tinh reburies Vietnamese martyrs repatriated from Laos

VOV.VN - The central province of Ha Tinh on May 17 held a memorial and burial ceremony for 11 remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts who died in Laos during international missions.

At the ceremony, Le Ngoc Chau, vice chairman of the Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee, expressed his deep gratitude to Vietnamese heroes, martyrs, volunteers and experts who laid down their lives in Laos for the cause of national liberation.

During the past wars of resistance, tens of thousands of Vietnamese youths and experts volunteered to stand side by side with the army and people of Laos in the fight against foreign invaders, and many of them sacrificed their lives there.

Since 1999, Ha Tinh, with support of the Party, State and people of Laos, has gathered 789 remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts in Laos. Among them, 11 martyrs’ remains were excavated in the 2021-2022 dry season.