Vietnam, Laos conduct joint border patrol

VOV.VN - Border guards based in the northern province of Dien Bien and the Laotian province of Luang Prabang have conducted a joint patrol along the shared border.

The move comes as part of a host of activities being undertaken to carry out an agreement between the Border Guard High Commands of the two localities.

Both sides patrolled the border from Marker No 119 to Marker No 121 along the shared borderline, inspected the border system and markers, and exchanged information relating to security and the order situation in border areas.

They cleaned areas around markers and disseminated information of regulations on border and territory to local residents on both sides, thereby contributing to raise public awareness of protecting the borderline and national border markers.

Their inspection found that the border system and markers are being maintained properly, without signs of encroachment on land for cultivation or residing, as well as no territorial encroachment of each other.

Both sides therefore agreed upon the time and the number of members for the next patrol and signed minutes for the bilateral patrol results.

The border management forces of the two localities will continue to step up communication activities as they seek to further disseminate the two parties’ policies and the two states’ law to people living in the shared border areas.

They will regularly exchange information related to security and order in border areas, thereby taking resolute measures to prevent encroachment along the shared border and criminal activities such as drug smuggling.

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