Russian parliamentarian, scholar laud Vietnam's role in ASEAN

Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Federal Council of Russia Konstantin Kosachev has lauded Vietnam’s efforts in its capacity as Chair of the 41st General Assembly of ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA-41).

Addressing the AIPA-41, Kosachev also spoke highly of Vietnam’s role in promoting global inter-parliamentary cooperation, saying that Vietnam is one of the locomotives playing an outstanding role in the Inter-Parliamentary Union and other international forums.

He added that inter-parliamentary exchanges at AIPA play an important role and Russia sees it as an important mechanism to strengthen peace, stability and mutually-beneficial cooperation.

In his speech, he said Russia regards ASEAN as one of the most successful organisations in Asia-Pacific and Russia-ASEAN dialogue is a crucial factor to ensure regional stability.

Regarding the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, he said it fails to hinder Russia – ASEAN ties with dialogue mechanisms being maintained online. Both sides fostered collaboration in hi-tech, innovation, digital economy via the Russia – ASEAN Business Council.

About Vietnam’s role in ASEAN, well-known Russian journalist and expert on international affairs Adam Shamir offered objective and positive feedback.

Talking with a Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Moscow, he said Vietnam takes the guiding role in ASEAN not only thanks to crowd but also dynamic population. Its industry and agriculture are growing while military power is maintained. Despite challenges, Vietnam’s efforts brought about positive results, contributing to developing ties with regional nations.

Vietnam’s entry to ASEAN has brought a new vitality and changes to the bloc, he said, adding that as Russia is paying more attention to Asia in general, Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular, it is striving to develop economic and trade ties with the region.

In order to develop its Far East region, Russia considers Vietnam a favorite partner and a key ally, he said.