Russian newspaper hails Vietnamese regional leadership role

VOV.VN - Russia’s leading e-newspaper published an article on June 4 highlighting the Vietnamese leadership role in Southeast Asia in a piece written by Grigory Trofimchuk, an expert in foreign policy, defence, and security.

The article affirms that since 2014 amid increasingly escalating tension between Russia and the West, Moscow announced a "Look East policy" to pivot towards Asia.

In particular, ASEAN represents an important partner, which is clearly demonstrated by Russia's recent approval of the comprehensive action plan for the implementation of the strategic partnership between Russia and the bloc in the 2021 to 2025 period.

According to Grigory, the nation is not only one of the leading flags of ASEAN, but also has a key leadership role, making up a central player in regional issues and frequently being the "key" to solving those issues. The nation’s strength especially lies in its growing prestige and position within the international arena, its attractive business environment, political stability, and predictable foreign policy.

The Russian expert assessed that the country’s consistent and constructive stance to establish a peaceful and stable environment for the entire region, including disputes in the East Sea, is an important factor in helping Hanoi adapt to the modern geopolitical situation.

The expert also highly appreciated the nation’s role in the process of seeking consensus with China on issues relating to the East Sea, especially through the direction of both side’s Communist Parties to achieve specific results.

According to the piece, this not only eliminates the risk of a major war breaking out in Asia, but also opens up a new stage for the development of socialist thought.

Even in terms of sensitive issues such as human rights, the country has also made significant contributions which have been positively evaluated by the UN, the article continued.

At the conclusion of the article, the author affirms that the East can be a real historical opportunity and an escape for Russia amid unprecedented Western pressure on Moscow across multiple fields.