President Sang meets outstanding students

President Truong Tan Sang on January 7 met 102 outstanding students in Hanoi on the 65th anniversary of the Student Traditional Day and the Vietnamese Student Association.

The delegates present at the Presidential Palace included 41 best students selected from the national emulation drive named Five-Virtue Students, which kicked off in 2009 to encourage students to nurture morality, strive for good academic results, exercise for good health, actively participate in volunteer work, and work hard for international integration. The drive attracted more than half a million students in 2014 

Attending the meeting were also winners of the “January Star” award for students with outstanding academic results. 

The students expressed their wish for more support policies for disadvantaged young people to help them pursue education and career, such as streamlining loan procedures for poor students or tuition fee reduction for students studying in hazardous professions. 

Talking to the delegates, the President underlined the role of students, saying that they are the elite part of the young people and the future mainstay of the country. 

He praised the Five-Virtue Students campaign as a good way to create high quality human resource for the country.