Australia appoints new Ambassador to Vietnam

VOV.VN - Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong officially announced on September 30 the appointment of Andrew Goledzinowski as Australia's new Ambassador to Vietnam.

The announcement emphasizes the strong and long-term relationship that currently exists between both sides which will only be strengthened through the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Both nations also enjoy long-standing people-to-people exchanges, deepening economic interests, and a shared desire in order to tackle common challenges, including the impacts of climate change. Moving forward, February, 2023, will mark the 50th anniversary of joint diplomatic ties.

Ambassador Goledzinowski is a senior official of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Most recently, he took on the role of the First Assistant Minister for Southeast Asia. Previously, he served as Australia's High Commissioner to Malaysia, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in New York in the United States, and Deputy Head of the Permanent Mission of the UN to Geneva in Switzerland.