Vietnamese IT firm expands its first footprint in US market

VOV.VN - Vietnamese IT firm Rikkeisoft expanded its first footprint in the United States on February 1, by opening RKTech, a US company which is 100% owned by Rikkeisoft.

RKTech Corp, Rikkeisoft’s US subsidiary, is located in Plano, Texas, and will contribute by helping the company leverage Vietnamese values globally. 

According to the company’s official website, Bui Hoang Tung has been appointed as the senior executive vice president of Rikkeisoft Corp. cum CEO of RKTech Corp. He will strive to propel Rikkeisoft to develop and provide high-quality IT services specifically for the US market.

Tung was one of the main pioneers in spearheading the globalisation strategy, as well as directing the expansion of Vietnam IT to the Japanese, Singapore, and the US markets. The vice president had joined the Rikkeisoft team to lead RKTech to become one of the most successful companies in the US and pave the way for Rikkeisoft to become a billion-dollar company.

Choosing the US market as the next destination to provide its technology solutions and services alongside the Asia-Pacific market, Ta Son Tung, president of Rikkeisoft, believes that the expansion can help more Vietnamese employees work in the world's largest technology market.

He noted that the company’s establishment and development in the international market is not only based on Vietnamese resources, but also based on global resources.

The number of branches and offices of Rikkeisoft in the US market will therefore continue to increase in the future.

Rikkeisoft was originally founded in Hanoi on April 6, 2012 by six Vietnamese graduates of the Japanese Ritsumeikan and Keio Universities. The company name is derived from these alma maters.

The Rikkeisoft team consists exclusively of graduates from the highest ranking universities in both Japan and Vietnam. On top of this, its team boast a variety of other achievements, including winning the Mathematical Olympiad and IT Olympics.

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