Vietnam, China to speed up customs clearance for fresh fruits

Competent forces of Vietnam and China on June 2 reached consensus on plant quarantine to simplify procedures and shorten customs clearance time for fresh fruit exports.

During their talks on same the day, the two sides discussed fruit quarantine activities at border gates over the past time, focusing on quarantine for Vietnam’s fresh fruits to be exported to the neighbouring country in the time ahead.

Accordingly, China’s customs and quarantine agencies will examine Vietnamese fruits randomly, and exempt check-up for fresh lychees from Vietnam.

Vietnam has exported nine types of fruits to China, namely dragon fruit, longan, mango, lychee, banana, jackfruit, rambutan, watermelon and mangosteen. However, eight of them have been subject to plant quarantine as the two sides have yet to sign agreements on this regard.

Given the complex developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two sides agreed to study the possibility to build a joint mechanism to speed up plant quarantine at border gates.