Ministry requests urgent review of solar power development

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has issued an express dispatch requesting the People's Committees of cities and provinces and Vietnam Electricity (EVN) to urgently review and list all issues related to solar power development.

The MoIT requested EVN list all solar power projects entitled to electricity selling prices under Decision No 13 of the Prime Minister and direct power corporations and provincial power units to list all rooftop solar power systems with a capacity of 100kWp or more which have been put into operation and are entitled to the electricity prices under the decision.

The decision in question was issued last April and provides a tariff rate for solar power considered attractive to investors.

EVN must certify the operating rooftop solar systems which comply with regulations on development and connection to the grid. They also have to recognise the operation date, signing of power purchase agreements and other legal regulations in electricity and supply sectors for the list.

Based on the roof solar power list nationwide, EVN must research and propose effective solutions to minimise the reduction of overloaded solar power and minimise the economic losses of investors.

The move has been seen as an attempt by the MoIT to improve transparency and to better regulate the solar power market, which has seen rapid development in recent years.

The MoIT also asked EVN to assign a representative to join the ministry’s inspection team to conduct an inspection of solar power development, especially rooftop solar power.

EVN was asked to report to MoIT on these issues before March 12.

At the same time, the MoIT asked the People's Committees of provinces and cities to work with departments and agencies to review and evaluate rooftop solar systems in accordance with the law and their local jurisdiction.

The localities must also list the development of solar power in their area including grid-connected solar power projects and rooftop solar power projects with a capacity of 100kWp or more.