Hanoi ready to offer optimal conditions for US businesses

VOV.VN - The administration of Hanoi stands ready to support and create favourable conditions for businesses from Oakland, California, as well as those from the United States in general, to accelerate new projects in the city, thereby contributing more to the development of relations between the two countries and two localities.

This was affirmed by Tran Sy Thanh, chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee, at a recent meeting held with a business delegation from the US State of California led by Mayor of Oakland Sheng Thao.

At the meeting the municipal leader emphasized that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Vietnam-US Comprehensive Partnership, amid both nations' trade relations developing in a strong, sustainable, and harmonious direction, Hanoi is keen to strengthen ties with partners from the US.

According to Thanh, Hanoi is in an important development stage of rebuilding the Capital Law, with two development plans devised for the capital until 2045 and a vision to 2065.

Accordingly, Hanoi has identified a number of prioritized fields in order to attract investment in line with the general development trend, all of which can engage in the global value chain and work to exploit its own advantages, as well as the strengths of adjacent provinces and cities in the region. This includes sectors such as real estate, commercial infrastructure, high-tech industry, and environmentally-friendly and low-consumption energy.

Thanh outlined that the capital prioritizes investment promotion in a number of areas that bring added value moving forward such as agriculture, tourism, education, and healthcare; along with key industries including high-tech projects, supporting industries, and biological industry.

Amid this context, the chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee welcomes the visit by the business delegation from California to seek investment and to build ties to create further co-operation opportunities with Hanoi.

Agree with the sharing and suggestions of the municipal leader, Mayor Thao said she believes that the co-operation between the two countries, as well as other, localities will record effective results in the future.

At the meeting, US businesses highlighted the strengths of Oakland as a port, waste treatment, and hub for clean technology development. In addition, the state of California has also invested billions of US$ in reducing emissions in the air, as well as developing the road, sea, and aviation transport.

US business delegates used the occasion to express their hope that through this visit and the meeting with municipal leaders, both sides will be able to promote their strengths, thereby opening up more specific investment and co-operation opportunities in the time ahead.

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