Five-month agro-forestry and fishery exports reach US$20.26 billion

VOV.VN - Agro-forestry and fishery exports earned a total of US$20.26 billion during the past five months of the year, of which rice represented a bright spot in the nation’s overall export turnover.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), agro forestry and fishery exports in May stood at an estimated US$4.85 billion, a decline of 3.5% over the same period from last year.

Throughout the reviewed period, many major agro-forestry and fishery products saw a decrease in export value compared to the same period from last year, thereby bringing the total export turnover to US$20.26 billion, down 11.1% on-year.

However, many items had higher export value than the same period from last year, such as coffee with US$ 2.02 billion, up 0.2%; vegetables and fruits with US$1.97 billion, up 39.0%; cashew nuts with US$1.28 million, up 5.5%; meat and by-products with US$58 million, up 59.1%; and rice hitting US$2.02 billion, up 49.0% on-year.

Furthermore, there were also commodities that endured a decrease in export value compared to the same period from last year, including rubber, tea, pepper, cassava and cassava products, pangasius, shrimp, wood and wood products, rattan, bamboo, and carpet sedge.

Regarding export markets, during the five-month period, China, the United States, and Japan remained the three largest export markets of Vietnamese agricultural, forestry and fishery products.

Of these markets, the export value to the Chinese market accounted for 20.4%, up 2.9% on-year; the export value to the US market made up 19.8%, down 35.2%; and Japan constituted 7.8%, down 1.2%.

According to the MARD, the major export markets for Vietnamese agricultural products, as well as forestry and fishery products, are gradually growing again, with China reopening and exports to Japan and Asia also enjoying growth again.

However, the global economy continues to face plenty of difficulties, with high inflation hitting some developed countries, whilst tight monetary policies, especially in large markets such as the US and Europe, have driven local businesses into difficulty in signing and fulfilling orders.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict continued to see complicated developments. In addition, many countries have carried out policies aimed at intensifying the protection of domestically produced products and goods, and boosting agricultural production to ensure supply, meaning that Vietnamese agro-forestry and fishery exports are forecast to continue to face numerous difficulties in the time ahead.

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