First Biztech Vietnam 2023 to promote digital transformation

The first Biztech Vietnam 2023 conference and exhibition will be organised on July 6-7 in Ho Chi Minh City to connect ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) and promote digital transformation in the business sector.

According to economic reports on the first six months of 2023, Vietnamese enterprises, including IT ones, are struggling to overcome difficulties. Many of them have to find solutions to cut costs and optimise production and business.

The Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) finds it time to promote cooperation and strengthen digital transformation to optimise management, production and business activities. It is not only to overcome difficulties but also create a foundation and competitive advantage in the next stage of business development.

VINASA cooperates with concerned associations and departments, the local industry, and especially the digital technology enterprises to organise the Biztech Vietnam 2023, the largest digital transformation event of the year for businesses.

"Through the event, we expect to directly support enterprises to overcome difficulties, to take part in digital transformation to create competitive advantages," said Nguyrn Thu Giang, VINASA's Vice Chairwoman and General Secretary.

"Besides guiding and sharing experience in digital transformation, Biztech Vietnam 2023 will be a preferential festival with the use of digital services and solutions for businesses, especially small, medium and micro enterprises (SMEs)."

The event includes seven seminars with nearly 50 speakers and experts discussing digital transformation solutions in business management, customer relationship management, finance and accounting, human resources management, sales, communication and marketing, SMEs, real estate, transportation and logistics. 

Participants will be given updated information, shared knowledge and experience on digital transformation for businesses to improve management efficiency, develop business and enhance customer experience.

The organisers will introduce outstanding digital transformation solutions that have been carefully evaluated. 

Guidelines and advice on effective digital transformation methods for different sizes and kinds of businesses are also available during the two-day event.

The organisers also help to connect supply and demand for digital transformation between the expected 1,000 delegates, 20 exhibitors, and dozens of preferential digital platforms and solutions.

In this event, all enterprises, including 1Office, MISA, Bizfly, Salemall, Ship60; commit at least 30% discount or free to use their services. Meanwhile, 100% of participating enterprises will receive incentives and advice on digital transformation.

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