Writer Doan Gioi and his books about children

(VOV) - Like To Hoai, Vo Quang and Pham Ho, writer Doan Gioi is popular among children. His stories are close to life and appeal to children inspiring them with a love for nature and people’s fates. His stories about the southern region are the most popular.

Doan Gioi wrote story “Southern forest land”, one of the most popular literary works for children over the past half century at the order of writer Nguyen Huy Tuong.

In 1957, Nguyen Huy Tuong, who was then Director of the Kim Dong Publishing House asked Doan Gioi to write a book introducing children to the landscape, nature and people of the southern region.

With his love for his homeland, Doan Gioi managed to complete the book within a month. It tells the story about An, a young boy who was alone and drifted in the war and then was saved and raised by local people in the southern region.

The story is strongly imbued with life reflecting both true and magical stories about the primitive nature of the southern region. It reflects the writer’s meticulous and precise observation as well as his interesting way of telling a story.
The book has been reprinted several times and translated into Russian, Polish, German and Spanish.

Talking about his friend, writer Huu Thinh said, “Doan Gioi devoted his life and career to children’s literature. Although his books are for children, they are loved by adults too. His novel has been made into a wonderful film. He devoted his talent and passion to writing”.

Through “Southern Forest Land”, all Vietnamese children know about Ca Mau mangrove trees, zigzag canals and the vast Tien and Hau rivers. Many children converted Doan Gioi’s story into paintings, musical works and films.

Le Thi Thanh Tam is a teacher of literature in Vinschool Secondary School. She noted, “This literary work conveys the author’s love for his homeland. Its simplicity and purity inspires children. We show the film “Southern forest land” to our students as a way to learn literature”.

After “Southern Forest Land”, writer Doan Gioi wrote “Searching for the arsenal”, “Ca Mau Mangrove”, “Forest Call”, and “Old Sailor on deporting island”.

Writer Doan Gioi said he was fully absorbed with the soul, the language and the tone of southern people. Le Thi Thai Ha, the writer’s step-daughter, says Doan Gioi loved nature and animals very much.

She recalls, “While my father was in hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, he reminded me to feed the house geckos that he raised at home. At that time, I didn’t understand his words. When I came close to the window, and cracked on the window, some geckos came for food. I realized that he had trained them to come and get the food”.

Doan Gioi died in 1989. Some people say, “His love for children gives him the whole world”.

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