Vietnamese Film Exhibition features 120 pictures of famous filming locations

VOV.VN - A Vietnamese Film Exhibition opened for visitors on June 22 in Hanoi with 120 pictures of famous filming locations in Vietnam on show for guests to enjoy.

The images of numerous filming locations nationwide have been taken by local and foreign filmmakers and are now archived at the Vietnam Film Institute.

The event aims to provide an opportunity for Vietnamese artists to introduce footage from the national film archive to international friends, whilst also serving to strengthen exchanges among both local and foreign film producers.

Information on the exhibition will be updated on the portal of the Vietnam Film Institute and social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube to allow viewers to catch up with news amid the country’s ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) fight.

The event will open for the 25th South East Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association Conference (SEAPAVAA) which is scheduled to run from June 22 to June 27 in Hanoi.

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