Vietnam Design Week 2022 set to kick off in November

VOV.VN - Vietnam Design Week 2022 is expected to run from November 5 to November 11 with the theme of "Beyond Expectations”.

Co-organised by the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts (VICAS) in co-ordination with Vietnam Design Group, the event will take place across three cities - Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the organising board, “Beyond Expectations” aims to promote creativity, innovation, and individualism.

It focuses on ways to optimise the balance within creative thinking, such as ways of combining material components, both old and new values, as well as modern and ancient methods of composition, said organisers.

The event also focuses on familiarity and discovery while minimising the negative impacts on resources and the environment, they said.

Vietnam Design Week will honour a range of excellent products and designers in the fields of Communication design, Living design, Decor & Object design, Clothing design, and Public design.

A series of activities will be held within the framework of the programme, including exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and a design show. They will bring together experienced and renowned designers to encourage a change of thinking in exploitation and promote sustainable design trends.

Vietnam Design Week is expected to increase the overall value of Vietnamese creative products within the international market.

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