Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2022 promotes reading culture

VOV.VN - Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2022 themed “Helping culture prevail and developing reading culture” aims to encourage and boost community reading movements.

Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day has been launched in April this year for the first time to honor readers, writers, publishers, libraries, book collectors as well as organizations and individuals who have greatly contributed to developing community reading culture.

Ho Chi Minh City responded to this event by launching a book fair on Nguyen Hue street. This is the first time a national book and reading event has been held in HCM City with the participation of more than 20 publishing houses.

Thousands of books are on display in 3 areas, including digital transformation, book city, and introduction of reading cultural models.

In Hanoi, there are events displaying and introducing books, workshops, and exchanges between writers and readers. 

“We have organized many activities in various forms both online and offline. The most notable is the online drawing contest for schools in Hanoi. We have also held an exchange week between readers, writers, poets, and politicians. We hope to further promote reading culture in the community, especially among children and teenagers,” said Kieu Thuy Nga, Director of the National Library of Vietnam, and Head of the Organizing Board of the Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2022 in Hanoi.

“I’m so excited about this event as I have the chance to learn more about my favorite books and exchange with teachers and friends. I think Book Day helps encourage us to read more,” said Vu Thu Ngan, a student from Viet Duc High School in Hanoi, who attended Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day at the National Library of Vietnam.

“Book Day is meaningful to young people. As a teacher of literature, I always encourage my students to read. At this event, young people participate in activities to experience reading culture,” said Nguyen Nguyet Nga, a literature teacher from Viet Duc High School.

The 2022 National Online Book Fair is opening at Under the theme “Lighting the of knowledge”, the fair involves nearly 100 publishers nationwide, introducing more than 40,000 books.

The Online Book Fair is expected to attract 10 million views and sells 30,000 books. Reading Culture Ambassador Contests are also being held in many localities nationwide.

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