“Sparkling Night” concert to take place in capital

The “Sparkling Night” concert performed by the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) will be held at the Hanoi Opera House on the evenings of May 14 and 15.

Inspired by love and romance from the dance of fairies, the emotional chase of lovers, and love-induced sadness, the musical event gathers leading Vietnamese opera singers such as Huy Duc, Dao To Loan, Trinh Thanh Binh, Tran Trang, and Bui Trang.

Under the lead of Conductor Dong Quang Vinh, the concert also sees the participation of the VNOB’s orchestra and choir as well as the international choir Hanoi Voices.

The show consists of two parts, namely ‘Overture A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘World Famous Romances and Aria’.

Artistic Director Phan Manh Duc said it is expected to mark an engaging and quality return, serving the audience’s demand.