Sixth edition of the Argentine Week to be held in Hanoi

The Embassy of Argentine Republic in Vietnam, in collaboration with Chef Emilio Fusé, will be hosting the “6th edition of the Argentine Week" from November 12 to 15 in Los Fuegos Restaurant in Hanoi.

The event aims to increase Hanoi residents’ knowledge about the Argentine cuisine and provide them with a unique opportunity to enjoy the country’s top quality meat products prepared in Argentina’s wood fire traditional cooking method by Emilio Fusé prominent technique.

Participants will also have access to a variety of Argentine wines, especially on the closing day.

Emilio Fusé, born in 1986, is an Argentine chef, farmer and entrepreneur who specialises in Argentine beef and Patagonian gastronomy with a particular focus in of wood fire barbecue cuisine.

He gained a vast experience after having worked in farms and restaurants since he was 17. This allowed him to comprehend how the process of the beef from the farm to the table works.

After having built numerous wood-fire kitchens across different parts of Vietnam, he founded and currently co-owns Los Fuegos - Argentinian Grill and Steak.