Local film industry strives for greater professionalism

VOV.VN - An international virtual workshop aiming to help the local film industry achieve greater sustainable development and higher competitiveness in integration was held on April 28 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The event was jointly held by the Vietnam Association of Film Promotion and Development (VFDA), the  Motion Picture Association (MPA) of the United States, the International Language and Country Studies Institute (ILACS), and VTV Digital.

The workshop attracted the participation of plenty of foreign filmmakers, directors, and critics who shared their experience and wanted to expand their co-operation alongside Vietnamese colleagues.

Addressing the event, director Phan Dang Di noted that many Vietnamese filmmakers have been caught plagiarising material in the past, such as purchasing scripts and remaking movies, meaning that the local film industry cannot develop in a professional manner.

Local filmmakers must therefore pay close attention to scripts or the content of films in order to boost the local film industry towards greater professionalism, he noted.  

Director Charlie Nguyen said he believes the domestic film industry must produce its own movies and should not rely on remaking products from foreign countries. Indeed, he said Vietnam needs a new team of enthusiastic and high-skilled scriptwriters.   

Nelson Mok from Singapore’s Film Group said that Vietnamese films should aim for domestic success before recording achievements abroad.

He stressed the importance of advertisements through communications, while reminding of the recent success of “Bố già” (Old Father), not only at home but also in Singapore. Mok therefore stated that the Vietnamese film industry can gain better results in international markets in the future.

During the workshop, delegates raised concerns about copyrights issues in the country, especially when many movies are broadcast on the internet before being screened at cinemas. They therefore asked relevant agencies to implement strong punishment for such violations. 

Nguyen The Ky, president of the Central Council for Theory and Criticism of Literature and Art and president of the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), said the impending Law on Cinematography will serve to create a legal corridor for Vietnamese cinema to develop domestically and integrate internationally. In addition, the completion of the law will facilitate foreign filmmakers to co-operate alongside their Vietnamese counterparts.

The workshop provided an opportunity for Vietnamese filmmakers to gain experience from the United States, China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Europe, which have a developed cinema industry, said Ky.

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