Exhibition displays Hue royal antiques in Hanoi

An exhibition showcasing Hue royal antiques opened at Cultural Friendship Palace in the capital city of Hanoi on March 26.

The event is jointly organised by Hue Royal Antique Collectors Association and Thanh Ngoc Antique Co. Ltd, aims to help the public have better understanding of Hue royal culture – the unique cultural identity of a dynasty which were associated with ups and downs of the nation’s history.

The exhibition introduces over 200 objects, including ceramic products dating back to Nguyen Dynasty through the reign of Kings Gia Long, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc and Bao Dai. 

In addition to ceramic artifacts, it also showcases a number of royal embroidery paintings made by Vietnamese craftsmen as well as utensils for princes and princesses.

At the opening ceremony, Thanh Ngoc, Director of the Thanh Ngoc Antique Co. Ltd, said the Hue royal culture is one of the unique heritages in terms of art which is extremely rich and diverse in the expression that handicraft folk artisans have left for younger generations.

This event aims to introduce valuable collections to the public and those who have a passion for antiques in general, and Hue royal antiques in particular, helping them have better understanding about a culture that has developed brilliantly in the history of Vietnam, she said.

The exhibition will close on March 27.